What is the HYPNO-BAND?

The HYPNO-BAND system is a non-invasive behaviour change technique and Nicola is a Licensed Practitioner. Nicola uses a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to improve your eating habits in the long term and encourages weight loss. A ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ is fitted to your stomach. This helps to make you feel satisfied when eating smaller portions of healthy foods, so that you can lose weight naturally without undergoing invasive surgery. Whilst the ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ has been proven to be an effective tool in aiding significant weight loss, it is important to remember that you are the key to your own success.

In short, the HYPNO-BAND will make you believe that you have a smaller stomach and therefore make it easier to eat smaller portions. However, there are many reasons why people overeat, and these may not be related to hunger or the sense of being full. Nicola is very experienced at helping you to address interrelated emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, which often lead to comfort eating and food cravings.

Is it safe?

Throughout the treatment, only positive thoughts and behaviours that have been discussed with you beforehand will be used to address the problems which have been identified.

Who is suitable?

The HYPNO-BAND requires the client and therapist to work together to achieve the best results. Nicola will carry out a free initial assessment to ensure that the procedure is suitable for you. Nicola will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the HYPNO-BAND, and ensure that you are motivated and suitably prepared for the procedure.

In general, the procedure is suitable for most people who are over-weight and are committed to losing weight. The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems, or if you are taking certain medications. Nicola will assess you at the initial session to ascertain if you are suitable. However, please remember that the HYPNO-BAND system is a tool to be used to help you to change your unwanted lifestyle and eating habits. You are the key to any weight loss success, and you must be totally committed to making changes to your diet and lifestyle for it to work. In the long term, this commitment will allow you to both lose weight and keep to a healthier weight in future.

How long does the procedure take?

The whole process normally takes place over five one-hour sessions. During each session you will be given tasks to do to ensure your success, which must be completed before the next session. The first four sessions will take place on a weekly basis, with the final session around a month later. However, the program is flexible and this can be tailored, within reason, to fit your needs. It is advisable that the program is completed within three months of the start date.

What is Included in the HYPNO-BAND programme?

The procedure consists of five one-hour sessions, plus CD’s for you to use for reinforcement between sessions. Nicola will undertake an assessment which includes your dietary and medical history during the first session, and you will be introduced to hypnosis and experience the feelings of calmness and relaxation. During the second session, you will be taken through a consultation where the gastric band surgery is described in detail, and by the third session you will have your HYPNO-BAND fitted. The fourth session is used to reinforce the suggestions and dietary advice. During this session, Nicola will also check that your HYPNO-BAND is working correctly. The fifth session will take place a few weeks later to ensure all is going well and for further reinforcement. Nicola will also provide you with a CD to use frequently over the months following the procedure.

Are there any guarantees?

Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Surgeons cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work, as this also depends upon the commitment of the person to follow advice and guidance about what foods are best to eat, what foods to avoid and what the portion size of meals should be. No weight loss programme will work if you are not 100% committed. The mind is a very powerful instrument and by using the HYPNO-BAND system you will have the tools and power to change your eating habits. However, the only way to lose significant amounts of weight is to reduce calorie intake by eating less and moving more. The HYPNO-BAND system helps you take the first important step and change unwanted unhealthy behaviours, which in turn allows you to lose weight and stay that way.

To book your HYPO-BAND assessment or to discuss any queries please call 01433 639513 | 07813605997 or email info@nourishmindandbody.co.uk