Proven Specialist Advice

Nicola has a proven track-record in the field of weight management. She has worked as a specialist in this area for many years and has helped and supported numerous clients to lose weight healthily. More importantly, she has helped them to keep weight off over the long term.  Nicola works with clients to help them gain an understanding of why they are having problems with their weight.  Every person is an individual and the best way to lose weight varies from person to person.  Food choices, preferences and habits that have been established over many years can mean that making changes to our diet and lifestyle can be difficult.  However, with the right support and advice, making small changes to your diet can result in permanent weight loss.  


At Nourish we believe that managing our weight is not just about simply following a plan.  Many of us do know what to eat but can find this very difficult to put into practice, as emotional issues and how we are feeling can get in the way of making healthy choices.  It is very common to use food as a comfort and if this is a problem for you Nicola can help you explore the reasons behind why this happens and help you to develop strategies to combat these feelings.  If you use food to help you deal with your emotions you end up with not one problem but two; the problem that led you to reach for food in the first instance and then the added problem of guilt and remorse for eating something you didn’t really need.  Nicola can support you to make sustainable and realistic changes to your diet that you can keep up in the long term and help you form a healthy relationship with food.


The diet industry remains unregulated and as such many so called “diets” are not nutritionally balanced, require a high level of cookery skills, are often expensive and in many cases leave out one or more entire food groups.  Following such diets can be unsustainable and dangerous in the long term and indeed can do damage to our health.  No wonder people are often confused with what dietary advice they should follow in order to protect their health or to lose weight when there is such conflicting advice about how to lose weight.  At Nourish the advice we give is evidence based from extensive and quality research.  You will develop an understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet and will be provided with tools to help you achieve sustainable weight loss.  We think that food should be a pleasure and no foods are “good” or “bad”.  What is important is that we learn to develop a healthy relationship with food.

A Bespoke Approach to Nutrition

Nicola understands the plethora of reasons why people gain weight and the psychological effects that these can have. She has vast experience of dealing with psychological issues such as comfort eating and cravings, emotional eating, binge eating, stress, grief, poor self-esteem, anxiety and body image.

As a result, she is able to work with you on an individual basis, taking your likes, dislikes and lifestyle into account, to offer tailored advice to suit you.  You will learn how to balance your diet by choosing foods that include all the nutrients your body needs for health and wellbeing.  Of course treats have to be worked in there too as we all need something special to look forward to – it has to be a realistic plan!  Nicola can also provide menu plans, recipes and information sheets on a wide range of areas and topics relating to nutrition and weight management.

Bariatric/Gastric/Weight Loss Surgery

In her role with the NHS, Nicola helps to prepare people for bariatric, gastric or weight loss surgery and provides advice on pre and post nutrition. This involves providing support and advice on lifestyle changes that are a requirement of surgery, and helping to psychologically prepare people for life after surgery. Advice which is pivotal to the success of the surgery.

Nicola uses Clinical Hypnotherapy to compliment her Professional Nutritional Weight Management Advice and can offer the ‘HYPNO-BAND’.

Our Approach

Nourish Mind and Body provides tools to help overcome habits and cravings, encourage motivation and drive, and increase self-esteem and confidence. Nourish can also provide professional Nutritional Advice and/or Clinical Hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues.  Nourish Fitness can help you to improve your general fitness, lose weight, gain muscle, specific strength training around any sport, manage a medical condition or support you to recover from injury.
A list of the areas which we can help with is available by clicking here.
Our flexible approach and breadth of experience allows us to incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Motivational Interviewing techniques.
We can also provide support for weight loss and appetite control using the HYPNO-BAND (a virtual gastric band).