“I would certainly recommend Nourish because it is such a versatile way to help with such a variety of problems. Having found a new “Tool” to help me it gave me confidence in being able to deal with my problem.

Learning new ways to help deal with a problem is very powerful.

The sessions are very relaxing as they are held in a very comforting environment. Nourish has helped me to make some necessary changes in my lifestyle.  Knowing that I have the knowledge and tools to protect myself now is very reassuring.”

“From the initial meeting and throughout three consultations I had every confidence that to process would be successful. A very professional, caring approach was taken right from the outset. Nicola fully understood my needs and concerns and precisely tailored the sessions to address them. Each session built on the previous one and as a result I have a vastly improved level of self esteem and a much more positive and forward looking attitude, leaving my previous problems behind.”

“Nicola, I was a non-believer in hypnosis but now I am, I would recommend it to anyone, best session so far I was so relaxed when I got back in the a car it was wonderful.

Can we do it again please KL”

“I came to see Nicola as I was asked to be best man at a wedding and had started to become extremely nervous about giving the best man’s speech. Public speaking is not something I had ever done, I’m quite shy by nature and I wanted to be able to stand up and give a speech with confidence and do the groom proud. Nicola was very understanding and took the time to listen to my concerns. She came up with a plan and I attended 3 sessions. She worked on my confidence and gave my advice about pacing my speech. On the day I remembered and used the techniques she had taught me and as I stood up and began to speak I felt calm, relaxed and confident. I delivered the speech and could not believe the number of people who congratulated me for a funny, entertaining and great speech after the event. This memory has really boosted my confidence. I would highly recommend consulting Nicola as she really listened to me and personalised the sessions for me and I feel this is the key to why it worked so well, thank you very much indeed”

“I have been seeing Nicola for quite a while to help with my diet and diabetes control. Nicola provided me with really good advice and some great suggestions, and helped me to understand the reasons I struggled with some of my food choices. She also used hypnotherapy to increase my motivation and she successfully stopped my desire for crisps using hypnotherapy! My practice nurse is simply delighted by my blood results. I would highly recommend Nicola, she is very easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. I looked forward to our sessions”

“I doubted you before the session but it was wicked!” K

“OMG!!! AMAZING!!! – I have been a lot less short tempered (chilled), my food was crisps and a week later still haven’t had any – makes me want to vomit, also chocolate is absent from my food consumption. My food portions have got smaller too hence I have lost 2lb this week. Also looking at my physical body has changed and is better. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING!!!!!!” S”

“very enjoyable session, I've been looking forward to it for a few weeks, many thanks Mick”

“ Hi Nicola! I very much enjoyed the session.  I have never done anything like this before and am really interested in attending some more sessions.  I felt incredibly relaxed and very comfortable.  I am yet to see if the cravings for biscuits stop, but being able to pause, clear my mind and relax deeply was wonderful! Thank you for running the session - Kind regards, Tracey”

“Hi Nicola - I enjoyed the session today, especially the aversion therapy.  I'm hoping next time I have my food of choice in front of me the technique works. Thanks Louise”

“Hi Nicola - I enjoyed the session today, especially the aversion therapy.  I'm hoping next time I have my food of choice in front of me the technique works. Thanks Louise”

“Hi Nicola, I really enjoyed the relaxation session, it was better than I anticipated, would definitely recommend it. I also had a great nights sleep - Jane X”

“Hi Nicola, Thank you for the relaxation session. I slept better last night then I usually do (only woke up once). I struggled to keep my eyes closed at first then about 5 minutes in, your voice became very clear as if someone had turned off the TV noise in the background?! I also feel less stressed. My stress headache had gone straight after the session. Overall a very good experience Many thanks Rebecca”

“Hi Nicola, I thoroughly enjoyed the session, I did feel very relaxed, I am sure additional sessions like this would be extremely helpful, a bench mark for you is, I went shopping straight from you and would normally buy chocolate and I didn't. See you next week. Carol”

“Good morning Nicola, I did enjoy the relaxation session yesterday, although it was not my first experience of the technique. In previous years I experienced a nervous breakdown and as part of my therapy I attend relaxations sessions at Winter Street to aid my recovery.  However yesterday’s session for me was marvellous.  Throughout the rest of the day yesterday I was immensely chilled out and relaxed.  I'm have problems sleeping but yesterday’s session really helped me yesterday, I hope you have more sessions planned. Kind regards, John”

“Hello Nicola - I really enjoyed the session it was wonderful.  When I got there I was not feeling too well I was exhausted and really wasn't sure about going.  I am so glad I went when I came out I felt so much better I was still tired but a happy tired and I had the best night’s sleep I had, had in a long while.  Thank you so much I hope I can retain the information as I really felt so calm and would like to feel that way all the time if I could. Yours, Sharon”

“Very relaxing and will for de-stressing me, N”

“I really enjoyed the session I would love this every week. I haven’t touched a crisp since, I feel sick even looking at them. Thank you so much, please come again, J”

“Very enjoyable and relaxing – would do it again, S”

“enjoyable and interesting – was a very good meeting”

“I really enjoyed the session and I did relax and feel certain things like going up in the cloud and I really thought that my tummy was getting smaller and smaller. Butter was my downfall; so I did that in my mind – it did not put me off the smell of butter but I no longer want to eat it, Christine

“I am definitely feeling relaxed and calm. I was very relaxed throughout the session, thank you, Louise

“I did enjoy this session and would definitely consider doing it again for a deeper aversion therapy or gastric band hypnotherapy. I really wanted to be averted from crisps as they are my “go to” snack. I am glad it has encouraged me to think twice and for alternatives. I also think it helps that I have seen Nicola on a regular basis and I always feel more intrigued and positive from her sessions so I think my trust in Nicola’s guidance helped me to relax and benefit from the session. I was also more sceptical of a group session working but I have managed not to eat crisps for the past week (since the session) and would love to see results from a one to one session, thank you”

“I very much enjoyed the session and found myself in a deep state of relaxation. I haven’t had a single piece of chocolate or Sanpelligrino since the hypnosis session and I’ve had no cravings. I’ve also lost my sense of taste of sweet things – I would definitely do it again”

“I really enjoyed the session – felt really relaxed. I couldn’t bring the smell of vomit into my imagination but visually it worked for me. Haven’t had any crisps for a week – just didn’t fancy them. I did visualise the kitchen table with the vomit covered crisps and it just put me off. Tried a bag of Rivita minis but could only eat 4 and then threw them away!

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